Monday, October 20, 2008

Ladies, You Can Relax... Mr. Blackwell Is Dead.

Every Woman's Nightmare - A Gay Guy Ripping Their Fashion Sense.
Hey, we don't mean to sound nasty here, but for a lot of poorly dressed women, today was a bit of a good day. Mr. Blackwell, the designer who scared the crap out of women across the planet with his famous "Worst Dressed List" passed away yesterday. He was 86....
An annual nightmare since 1960, his list brought fear and loathing to all of Hollywood, although if you didn't make the list, it was said that you didn't really matter... We'll remove the names to protect the guilty, but here are some of his best zingers.....
'She looks like a masculine Bride of Frankenstein."
"She looks like a gypsy abandoned by a Caravan."
"An over the hill Cruella de Ville."
"Packs all the glamour of an old , worn-out sneaker."
"She dances in the dark - and dresses there too."

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