Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Obama Presidency Already Affecting the NFL

Snowflake's Gonna Have a New Owner, Thanks to Barack Obama..
Barack Obama hasn't even been elected yet, and there are ramifications already, and in places you might not expect... What does Barack Obama have to do with he NFL? We'll tell you..
The Miami Dophins are owned by Wayne Huizenga, who made his money by starting a business you might have heard of - Blockbuster Video. After he sold it just in time, he bought the Miami Dolphins. Well, Wayne is getting older now, and I suppose he doesn't have any idiots sons to give the business away to - so they can run it into the ground. Instead, he has been in the process of selling it to one of his minority partners....
As the political process has taken place, Huizenga has realized that an Obama victory is more and more likely. What's the big deal? Well, like most richer, older guys, Huizenga knows that an Obama presidency will mean higher taxes - higher Capital Gains taxes in Huizenga's case. It has Huizenga so freaked out that he called the minority partner and said let's close the deal NOW.... The NFL still needs to okay the sale, but no problems are expected.
Who cares? In Huizenga's case, no one I know, but this scenario will be going on all over America in small businesses everywhere and every size. From Joe the Plumber's Boss, to Cale Yarborough to any small business owner in America, the possibility of losing thousands or millions of dollars because you actually made something out of nothing is very real... I have no problem with paying taxes on income or if you make money on selling stock, but losing millions of dollars simply by owning something is wrong.
A lot of Joe's are going to get caught in this in the next few years, and there's a name for it..........redistribution of wealth. Penalizing creativity and the entreprenurial spirit is not what America is about. Either way, Snowflake is not going to be happy. Maybe this guy can help.....

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