Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Election 2010 Preview: Barbara Boxer vs.Terminator

Who Will be the Next Senator From Cal-uh-for-nee- uh ????

There was a good article in TheHill.com about the possibilities of the next Senate race in California, where the chance of a Barbara Boxer - Arnold Schwarzenegger race is very real.....

Boxer, who is so liberal that she makes Dianne Feinstein seem reasonable, will be in for a tough battle, and she's already raising funds to build up a sizeable kitty. Her goal? A whopping $20 million !!! Pretty unbelieveable. It's not a sure that Ahnuld will be running again - other hopefuls are McCain team member Carly Fiorina and former EBay CEO Meg Whitman - but a Boxer and a Terminator would make an interesting battle. Here's the article...



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