Monday, July 07, 2008

So, Who Killed the Economy? Cast Your Vote - NCAA Tournament Style !!

Damn, That Smells......Has Alan Greenspan Been Here ??
Everyone has an opinion. Especially when we get the chance to blame people for our woes. It's the American way, and nothing is more American than the NCAA Basketball Tournament. So, to combine both, the folks at have made a game called "Who Killed the Economy". Yes, they've made up their own Sweet Sixteen gang of Dr. Evils, and you get to choose the brackets, head-to-head, and pick your own winner.
I thought the left side was not as strong as the right side (Who the hell is Stan O'Neal?), but I did have a classic battle of the two groups that have ruined this country - Realtors from the West Region ($900K for a piece of shit condo in Vegas? I think not), against the beast from the East (or Middle East) , OPEC !!!
Naturally, since my mortgage hasn't gone up 300% in the last five years, I went with OPEC. It's an easy target, but I still think if gas weren't so expensive, no one would be bitching about the economy... So, congrats to all the Saudi Sheikhs and their billions in extra profits this year. Want to make your choice? Here's the link.....

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