Monday, July 07, 2008

SC6 Gives You Ladies Ten Ways to Tell If Your Man is a Committment Ready or Not..

Awww... How Sweet !
OK ladies - both of you who read this blog... I have some earth-shattering news for you women out there. Not all men are ready to commit to a woman sometime. Sure, they my hang out for a while - sometimes even years - but they have trouble settling on settling down. It's almost like a disease....
I ran into two friends this weekend that were dating each other for about 2 years. I saw them separately, and it was pretty interesting to hear each other's side of the story. The end game of it was that the woman had NO IDEA that the guy was probably never going to get married. A bad first marriage will do that to you - not that I see myself that way. I am screwed up in so many other ways that I don't need to fall back on that one...
Anyway, here's afew tip to judge if your signficant other (or potential other) is commitment-worthy or not. If you don't like it, don't blame me - it was written by a woman at Yahoo !!
1. His friends are married
2. He's financially secure
3. He pursues you
4. He's willing to wait
5. He watches DVD's with you when you're sick.
6. He gets to know your friends and family
7. He says 'we' instead of 'me'.
8. He's not afraid of compromise
9. He doesn't make excuses
10. He likes being in a long-term relationship.
So, where do I think I rank on this list? Well, aside for a bit of improvement on Number 2, I think I do pretty well. Granted, I haven't had the opportunity on a couple of these. I've never seen my girl sick, but I promise , if you get drunk and puke, Sweetie, I'll hold your hair out of the way....... Oh yeah, I'm a keeper..... ;)


pennsylvania mg said...

throw her over board if it is in the boat

Mike Reino said...

If you're in a boat , and can't manage to puke outside of it, you deserve to get thrown out....