Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Official... I Have the Best Tenant In the World..

Since there will be no recreation tonight (good thing anyway - I'm a bit bushed), I'll drop a couple posts tonight. The first is to give props to my Japanese homeboy, Hiro. While things fianncially are picking up, ther still requires a bit of juggling here and there to keep everyone happy.
I was a bit concerned about when Hiro's rent check would be coming this month. It usually comes between the 25th and 27th. The problem is the 27th is a Sunday next week, so I had a worry that I might not get it until I was back in Hilton Head. That would mean that I'd need Ben to pick it up and deposit it, and that the mortgage might be late. Not to worry.....
Even though Hiro left for Japan for 3 weeks, he sent the check two weeks early - all he asked was to hold the check til the 25th. What a friggin guy. What I respect most is that he's smart enough to get the hell out of South Carolina in July....... Also, the AC being shut off for 3 weeks in peak heat season is nice too..... Hiro, YOU ROCK, DUDE !!!!


glad i am not in japan mg said...

hope he brings back something good this time

Mike Reino said...

Last time , i got some japanese candy - not bad. I liked the raspberry chocolates.