Monday, July 21, 2008

Good News !!! My Cousin Chris Is Home.

It's official - PFC. Christopher Reino, Army Ranger of the 82nd Airborne, is back from Iraq, and standing on US soil again.... He landed at Pope AFB in North Carolina last night, right about the time I called my Cousin John to find out what the latest was. Guess my psychic talents were pretty on again.
John and his wife Denise had been in Fayette Nam since Friday night, waiting on official word of his arrival. I'm not sure why John never called to update me, or to have us come up, but I suppose I'd have been a little ticked if I was stuck up there all weekend. Patience is not my strong suit.
Nevermind, the most important thing is that he is home, and he is safe. It has been a trying 15 months for Chris for sure, and the whole family has concerns of how such a long stretch over there will affect him. Time will tell..... Will this be his final tour over there? I'm not sure. I hope so, but he's a soldier, and what he did is no different than thousands of men and women are doing every day over there. Thye might not look at it as beign special, but they sure as hell are.......


a fan of the armed forces mg said...

welcome home

Martha said...

ok, first I feel like an idiot cause I had no idea I had a cousin in Iraq. But VERY glad that he is home safely. Two I had no idea that he was 82nd and would arrive at Fayetnam. Three did't know John and Denise would be there waiting for him. I would have made the effort to drive an hour and half to F-ville and see them. Of course I know my visit pales to the excitment of seeing your children home from the war. Welcome home Chris!