Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Leave Your Birthday Wishes for Mike Right Here...

Didn't think i'd make it, did you? Well, that makes two of us..... Actually three of us. My dad swore that I'd die of a stroke before I hit the Big 4-0. Hey Pop, kiss by little, white butt !! Kidding......
I'm writing this a bit early, so you'll be reading it on my actual birthday, not the day after. i know for most of you, reading SC6 along with your morning coffee or starting your day at work is like a religion. Maybe not.
I'm pretty sure that I'll remember my 40th birthday always - not so much for all good reasons, but it'll be better than most of my other birthdays. Maybe I'm getting senile, but not many of my other birthdays are coming to mind. Let's take a rip down Memory Lane.
My childhood birthdays are a bit of a blur. Lots of pool parties and Ice Cream Cake from Carvel - the nice things about Summer birthdays! Then we'd go across the street to Clarissa Drive Park and play baseball - badly.
My 5th birthday was a Classic. I blew a big fart, then proceeded to chase all my guests around the yard, like I was Stink Man...... Around college, I remember my 21st birthday. I was Oswego for Transfer Orientation, and I hung out with a bunch people I didn't know. Of course, they all loved me , because they were all underage... And on my 23rd birthday, I got all the way to 3rd base with Mary Burns in my brother's pickup truck, before she got her senses back.... I wonder where she is now. No doubt she still hates me.. ;)
After that, it's a total blank.. Twenty-five? Beats me? Thirty? Well, I know was getting ready to get married. I think we went to PA's on S. Irby St., but who knows... Since then, not one comes to mind. But I will remember 40, not so much for the day, but for what has transpired up till today, and what will after....
I'll keep my attitude in check, so I can continue to progress in my job, and to advance in it so i don't ever have to worry about money ever again. I have better skills than most people in this business, as long as I keep my temper in check.
I'm going to get back to Florence, and live like a normal human being again. Lastly, I will get my Princess back, and enjoy all the stupid things that don't make headlines, but do make life enjoyable everyday. My advice to my Princess is to give up, quit fighting the inevitable, and fall in love with me like I know you do. I Like You Alot Too............ ;)
That's it for today. I'll check in tomorrow, and I look forward to seeing your birthday wishes here in the morning.... Time to enjoy my last night on a bed in Hilton Head......See y'all Friday !


Moye said...

Happy Birthday Mike

Mike Reino said...

Thanks Moye..

still in philly mg said...

will call you tonight man

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday...sorry I didn't make it to celebrate. I'm not working tonight either...not sure when I will be back.

ps. don't be too angry with me

Mike Reino said...

I'm not angry at all. I heard there are some problems going on, and as much as I want to help, I guess I can't - at least not yet. If you could let me know what is up, it would make me feel better. The true pain is when I am out of the loop...

Since I might not see you for awhile, I'll give you the wish list of what I wanted for my birthday..

1. A neck rub for me.
2. I want to see what your butt looks like in blue jeans.
3. A kiss.
4. Your last name.
5. To hold hands again.
6. to hear you tell me you love me and why.
7. to come home and have you be there for me.

Maybe some are asking too much, but it is a wishlist, right? Hopefully it won't be long, because every trip back to Hilton Head hurts knowing that I'm leaving you. I can make things better for you in so many ways, but now is just not the time for you, so I'll wait and know that we are right for each other, and keep faith that someday, we can be together.

Love is faith and caring and sometimes taking a half-step back to allow that full step progress. I did it once, and I came back stronger. Just let me know what is happening, and I'll feel a lot better. I love you, Princess, and I always will.....